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Alpine A110 Tuning - LIFE110 Performance Friction Z-Rated brakes pads for the Alpine A110

A110 Performance Friction Front Brake Pads

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Performance Friction front brake pads for the A110

  • More immediate pedal feel
  • Less brake fade
  • Road or track compound choices

The standard pads on the A110 have low initial bite and also complain with hard use and track work, leading to pad deposition and brake judder, as well as high wear.

After considering many options fast road and track pad options from Performance Friction were fitted and tested due to their unparalleled reputation in brake performance. They are also plain black in colour so just appear as standard pads to the casual observer.

All pads are in good stock and are shipped from the warehouse within 2 days.

Pad options are:

Road and occasional track use, the Z-Rated:

This compound has been developed for fast road with occasional track day applications. It provides more stopping power and increased fade resistance over the standard OE materials but retains the good qualities of the road pad i.e., low dusting and noise along with low wear rate.

• High performance compound, gained through competition pad developments • Compound designed for low dusting qualities • Several built-in noise suppression technologies • Excellent disc conditioning, giving even transfer layer on disc to reduce uneven pad deposits.

For the serious track enthusiast, the 11 Compound:

This compound is for the serious trackday enthusiast who wants the ultimate in fade free stopping power and is willing to put up with some day to day squeal on the road. A new generation sprint race and medium distance friction providing the ultimate in control, with superior disc conditioning. 11 compound was developed from the 01 compound with improved bite, modulation, and release characteristics. Good fade resistance & easy control. It is ultra-smooth and developed to reduce wheel locking at the end of a stop.