EVO Corse Sport 18 Wheels

These are the EVO Corse Sport 18 wheels in bespoke A110 fitment. Just bolt on, no spacers needed, even take the original wheel centres. A factory fit look, but better.

Half an inch wider front and back so you get better steering and grip but also fill the arches properly, and can be run with either Pure or S tyre sizes. They just look and drive fantastic. To be honest they are even better than I thought they would be.

They're 0.6kg heavier than the Fuchs, and half of that will be the extra width, so pretty light given these are a proper, strong motorsport wheel. So motorsport, in fact, they are the exact wheels used on the new A110 rally car.

So if you want the best looking and driving A110 out there get in touch. Can't wait to see what these would do when fitted to an S!

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