About LIFE110

by David Pook

In March 2019 I came up with a plan to buy an Alpine A110 Premiere Edition. A simple man maths calculation driven by the very real need to just have one. I was late to the A110 party but, once hooked, I read all I could about it, wondered just how it was so light and, also, why it was rated as being so different. The first drive I had to find out was shortly after paying for it.

I wanted to combine my car enthusiasm with an interest in social media, how could I share my experience and, ultimately, find a new network of like minded A110 enthusiasts. With this my Instagram alpine_life110 was born and it has led to journeys, experiences, insights, contacts and friends that I had no idea was possible.

I feel lucky to have had a distinguished career developing and delivering cars to mainstream production for over 20 years and my engineering curiosity then got the better of me. How does the A110 drive like this? I wonder if I could make the steering better? I would like the ride height to be a bit lower. Ooh I do like the Cup wheels on the race cars. With the inevitable tinkering underway, and interest on social media, the end result was an evolution into LIFE110.

So if, like me, you're an A110 fan first and foremost then I hope you enjoy the site. If you want to stay in touch with all the LIFE110 news and interest then please join the mailing list below and click the links to my social media.  There's plenty more to come!