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LIFE110 Engine ECU Tune

LIFE110 Engine ECU Tune

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All new Engine and Gearbox tune

  • Power: 320ps
  • Torque: 400Nm
  • Completely re-engineered ECU Tune
  • Matching gearbox TCU tune included
  • Available for all A110, including late MY

All new and available now for flashing are new ECU and TCU tunes, combining for better torque, power and shift speeds.

These new maps have been generated with the leading specialist in France, Active Motion, developing on their own cars over many years. This means access to a depth of knowledge, as well as all the tools needed to map every generation of A110, to the very newest cars.

With new flashing hardware we can now tune the TCU to match previous ECU work, but these have been revised to provide the best available power and torque figures.

Available now and flashed in Leamington Spa, process lasts about an hour. Simply buy from the website and you'll be contacted to agree a date.

Models: All A110s, every MY