LIFE110 Engine ECU Tune - 300ps
LIFE110 Engine ECU Tune - 300ps

LIFE110 Engine ECU Tune - 300ps

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300ps Engine ECU Tune for the A110 - including 22MY

  • Power: 300ps  +48ps
  • Torque: 380Nm  +50Nm (depending on MY)
  • Completely re-engineered ECU Tune
  • Available for all A110, including A110S (19 and 20 MY) 
  • 0 to 62 mph in 4.15 secs
  • Now includes exhaust pops and bangs tuning

As we believe in continual improvement we have completely revised the engine ECU tune in every area - better driveability, better shifts and more performance.

The actual figures achieved will vary by MY as there have been numerous updates in software versions and emissions categories. This means 18, 19 and 20 MY A110 and S variants can achieve 380Nm and 300ps, the 21 and 22 MY cars achieve 340Nm and 300ps.

This all new tune has been conducted with tuning partner TRS performance in Leamington Spa allowing us to deliver attributes perfectly matched to the A110. This map maintains stock performance below 3000 rpm for ultimate everyday usability. From 3000 to 4000 rpm the torque builds in a way that avoids the gearbox clutch slipping and then the car surges forward with top end performance. This linear power delivery really makes the A110 fly with an almost naturally aspirated feel.

Performance tested on a Premiere Edition at 0-62 mph of 4.15 secs vs tests of standard car at 4.56 secs and A110S at 4.35 secs.

Available now and flashed in Leamington Spa, process lasts about an hour. Simply buy from the website and you'll be contacted to agree a date.