LIFE110 Revised Geometry Settings

LIFE110 Revised Geometry Settings

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Free download - new and improved geometry settings for the A110

  • Improved steering and connection
  • Less wandering at high speed
  • More stability under braking
  • Greater confidence

This is where you'll find the free geometry settings database for the A110. With development continuing there is a new release for fast road/track settings which includes specs for the new A110S!

The A110 is blessed with a brilliantly designed and engineered chassis that includes an extended range of adjustment, especially for camber. This, combined with extremely conservative settings as standard, allows for huge potential for tuning. Over many different set-ups new settings for front and rear camber and toe have been devised to markedly improve the steering connection and turn in, reduce the tendency for the car to wander on motorways and in cross winds and add stability on track.

For general road driving there is the original sports road settings, one version for standard suspension and another for LIFE110 -18 mm sports suspension.

The new release is a fast road and track set-up, something much more focused that gives a dramatic uplift in precision and front axle grip but without making the car wander over the road searching out cambers. If you enjoy cross country blasts and track use then this is the set-up for you, although it is recommended only for cars with LIFE110 -18 mm suspension and the new A110S model.

The file downloads include a comparison to the factory OE settings.

Just download and take to your favourite specialist workshop to have the new settings applied!