Bilstein Dampers
Bilstein Dampers
Bilstein Dampers
Bilstein Dampers
Bilstein Dampers
Bilstein Dampers

Bilstein Dampers

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New Bilstein dampers for the A110

  • Engineered and developed by Alpine specialist Mecaparts in France
  • More control and performance
  • Fixed monotube damping
  • Ride height options
  • Maintains rubber compliance 
  • Weight save of 1.66kg per car

The standard dampers on the A110 do a good job considering they are basic, cheap, twin tube dampers but exercise the car more and you'll find the body control lacking. Equally, on the A110S these dampers have been increased in force to get that control but at the expense of ride quality in day to day use.

The answer to this is better technology and quality dampers from Bilstein. These monotube dampers provide more control, so the car carries on performing as you ask more from it, but without ruining the ride. Positioned in a space between the standard chassis and A110S these dampers will make an A110S more comfortable and a standard chassis more capable. Combine with LIFE110 springs for the ultimate in A110 road performance.

Also, you can choose your ride height thanks to the aluminium spring perches. Simply move the circlip to achieve:

  1. Standard ride height standard springs
  2. -13mm lowered standard springs
  3. -26mm lowered standard springs
  4. -5mm lowered LIFE110 springs
  5. -18mm lowered LIFE110 springs
  6. -31mm lowered LIFE110 springs

Made in Germany by Bilstein

Fitment: All A110 except A110R

Assembly instructions (for springs but process is the same) can be found here