LIFE110 Engine ECU Tune - Exhaust Pops and Bangs

LIFE110 Engine ECU Tune - Exhaust Pops and Bangs

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New Engine ECU tune for exhaust overrun pops and bangs

  • Reduce your exhaust pops and bangs to your preference
  • Complete deletion if desired
  • Works with standard or upgraded engine tune 

All new is tuning for the exhaust pops and bangs on overrun. With the standard tune we can all agree there is a lot of pops and bangs in sport mode, and this means you can't enjoy the exhaust note without them. For those who would like less or turned off, we can now tune these details in isolation of the engine map.

Also, the overrun pops and bangs will be adding heat into, and reducing the life, of your catalyst, so this is another consideration for changing, especially those who track often.

This tune is included in all new 300ps engine maps when purchased.

Available now and flashed in Leamington Spa, process lasts about an hour. Simply buy from the website and you'll be contacted to agree a date.

Available for all models of A110.